How you can help

Buy shares or make a donation

A small group of villagers has established a management committee to help save The White Lion and raise the necessary funds to set up a Community Benefit Society (CBS) to open and run the White Lion as a Community Pub.

This will be a co-operative model which is owned by members who are shareholders. We will be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the company name The White Lion, Ash Community Pub Limited. Shares will cost a minimum of £250 with a maximum shareholding of £25,000.

Community shares are unique, as they are withdrawable, non-transferable and do not go up and down in value. They can only be issued by co-operatives or community benefit societies registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and must have an asset lock in place. Community shares are subject to laws that limit financial gain and emphasise social benefit

Community Benefit Society membership operates on a one member-one-vote basis regardless of how much a person has invested, it is governed democratically and benefits go back to the community.

Full details of the share offer will be available together with a business plan and the management/governance model for the Community Benefit Society are downloadable from this website.

We launched the share offer at a public meeting on 30th November 2017. Share purchase forms are available as downloads on this site or at the bar in The White Lion.

Alternatively all contributions are welcome no matter their size.

Volunteer to help

We are currently looking for volunteers who could carry work on the electrics and plumbing in the pub. If you or someone you know could help us, please ring 07837 417008 to discuss.

We are also looking for help with the refurbishment of the pub and garden. Please let us know if you want to get involved - whatever your talents we will be interested! Please contact [email protected]

Work for us